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What does it take to be a successful modern-day leader? Learn the psychology behind appreciation in high-performing teams.

  76 pages of practical tips and knowledge
  over 30 latest statistics about modern employee needs

  16 useful appreciation practices used by coaches and trainers


Fast growth, remote teams and cross-functional departments.
New work environments call for new management styles.

Our Data-driven app can help navigate new environments, boost performance-enhancing habits, and provides tools to build a sustainable and healthy work culture.

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Management style

What type of manager you are, based on the feedback you provide


Employee motivation

What motivates your employees to perform at their best


Feedback culture

How to communicate and generate a culture of feedback within your organisation


You'll learn:

  The psychology behind appreciation and motivation,
  What kind of leader you are vs. what your team needs,
  How to appreciate your team in a remote-only environment,
  What are the best ways to initiate an open conversation,
  What makes feedback valuable in the eyes of employees,
  How to shift your company towards an appreciation culture,
  What motivates your employees and why.

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